Scott Breeden


I met Scott at IN Run Co as well. I thought I was hot stuff turning in 45-mile weeks, then I heard his mileage totals. Scott was routinely popping off 100-mile weeks while attending class full time. He ran 4,608 miles in 2010. Scott is an Ultra runner at heart, but saying that discounts his speed. During one workout this summer, the group was doing 1k repeats on the course at a little slower than 5K pace (5:45 for me). Scott was easily beating me by 150 meters on each repeat, all while barefoot. This year he will be running in the legendary Leadville 100 mile race. I suggested Scott as a story idea for Inside Magazine, and Rachel Stark again wrote a piece that I got to illustrate.


On the morning of the shoot, Scott had already run 15 miles on trails. For his afternoon run, he was running with his roommate and agreed to alter the route over to a hill by where I live. It was freezing outside—bad for the shutter finger, but good for the sky. I wanted to pose Scott on a hill because of his upcoming race at Leadville. A mountain bike race that takes place on the same course is known as “Race Across the Sky,” and I wanted to try to illustrate the “epicness” of this event. For lighting, I used the trusted Alienbees with grids and dishes. This time I used three Alienbees because my new lithium battery came in. If you use AC strobes, don’t walk, but run to a computer and order this bad boy. I’ve used the old school Vagabond for years, and it’s awesome despite weighing in at 15 pounds. But nothing compares to the beastly little Lithium battery pack. It will change the way I shoot on location, and I cannot express my delight enough. Back to the photos. I underexposed the sky and used my liquid metal technique (see previous post for liquid metal details) to give it some pop. I used three lights on the shot. The first was in a beauty dish hitting at about half-power to fill Scott. The second AB was gridded and gelled with a full CTO. Rachel held that one and aimed it at Scott’s head to add a little pop of color. The final product will be printed on newsprint, so we’ll see if I was able to do Scott justice. I liked the look of the final image and may have to try that again.