I met Molly through my friends on IU’s Track and Field team. Molly graduated IU last year and is now sponsored by Saucony. She is also an Olympic hopeful in the 800 Meters. Her PR is 1:59.83, and that’s blazing fast. Molly came to track after starting her career at IU as a soccer player. This past weekend she opened her season with a track record 2:01.49. Molly was gracious enough to let me photograph her and I look forward to cheering her on the rest of the season.


The light on the day of the shoot wasn’t the best, but it still provided some nice backgrounds. I again used my typical setup of two rim lights and a beauty dish for fill. The rim lights either had strip lights or a hard reflector depending on the look I was going for. For the shot of the spikes I just used one light.  A beauty dish pointed straight down like the sun.