Team Indiana Elite


I met Stephen HAAS last year when I shot his photo for running times. He has been with Team Indiana Elite since its creation, and I approached him to shoot the team. For this project we wanted to get some photos for their new website . Team Indiana Elite is a training group setup to provide Elite Distance runners support so that they can focus on making national teams. Brooks sponsors the group, but some of the athletes have their own deals. It’s a privilege to live in a town with such a great running community and the pros at TIE are a big reason for that.


The week of the shoot was just a complete wash of rain. It has rained endlessly for a week (I’m thinking of building an Ark). In order to combat the rain we decided to shoot in an indoor training facility at IU. The key to pulling this shoot off was to eliminate the ambient light in the building. By shooting at 100 ISO, 1/200th, and f 5.6 we were able to effectively do that. We basically turned the field into a giant blackout studio. Again the setup was simple. I had two rim lights, both in strip lights. The fill was provided by a beauty dish boomed above the camera. I also had an additional octalight to pop in a little extra light for their legs. I brought out the iMac for this project so we could all see what was going on. Heather did a behind the scenes video and Max and Cory were a great help in setting up the lights and calling out the runners locations. I’ll let the video do most of the talk on this shoot.