Peak Performance NYC

When I moved to NYC friend and gym owner Wil Fleming put me in contact with Peak Performance. He said their gym would be a great place to shoot, and he was spot on. Peak Performance is a wonderful facility located in Manhattan's Flat Iron district. Its on the 9th floor and features views of the Empire State Building. The only thing greater than the location was the people. Founder and CEO Joe Dowdell's staff were extremely welcoming and great to work with. The gym's GM Kindra Hanson went to great lengths to ensure the success of the shoot. She even arranged for some of the trainers to act as talent. The shoots results are testament to the gym, its staff, and the models: Ngo Okafor, Kyle Fields, and Antonio Valverde.

The shoot went great and I am thrilled with the results. I owe a debt of gratitude to the models for lending their fitness expertise. I know my split times, and running lingo pretty well, but my knowledge is lacking when it comes to the gym.

Technical Info:

For this shoot I wanted to try having some bright backgrounds for once. Most of my work has dark dramatic backgrounds, but I have learned from observing Alan Cresto that the bright, airie backgrounds can be equally as cool.

Most shots were done with 2 lights, with an occasional third light added for an additional rim. All shots featured a back rim light boomed in behind the subject. It often provided a  the flare featured in the darker shots.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoyed the photos.