A Season Recap

Across the US track season is officially over. The 5th Ave Mile in NYC marked the last event of the season. While I am no athlete, I do primarily photograph runners. Therefore, I will attempt to use this time hook as a weak excuse for not blogging since December (Yes I know that's really weak). Anyway, here's my season recap: For the first few months of the year I spent my time shooting Nike Events surrounding the Superbowl, a few portrait jobs for Indiana University, and a couple athlete profiles for the new Nike NYC Instagram account.

selasi_091The real running photography started around the Boston Marathon. I was asked to come up to Boston to capture images of Nike Boston's relaunched run club. Over the course of a few weeks I got to see the city on the run, meet some great people, and attend my first Red Sox game.

selectsbw003bostonnycigproofs_014selectsbw010I again shipped up to Boston for the Marathon. It was a special year in an already special race. In addition to group shakeouts and runs and events leading up to the race I was honored to attend a dinner for survivors. It was a powerful event. That night is what I will remember most about "this season's" events.

On race day we captured the race at heartbreak hill. That's the notorious hill around mile 20, known for its steep ascent and brutal placement in the race. It was here that I got to watch American superstars past and present, as well as many friends finish off this special race. I attempted, and failed, to get pictures of Shalane twice on the hill.  Her pace, and my inability to find an opening in the crowd made that virtually impossible. But I was thrilled to get the shot I did of her very special effort.

assets_010Post Boston I have worked on evolving my photographic style. When I moved here I was into "strobing" the hell out of everything that moved. Although I still love nothing more than a cool lighting setup, I decided it was time to experiment with a new style. A slightly desaturated, grainy, gritty style. With this goal in mind I contacted some friends from NJNY Track Club and organized some test shoots with two awesome runners. I shot steepler Rebeka on the Williamsburg Bridge, and 800-meter runner Katie on Roosevelt Island. I can't thank them enough for helping me out.

stowe_002stowe_004stowe_003stowe_006katie_007katie_065katie_047katie_009A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the Indiana University Women's Cross Country team. It was good to be back in Bloomington and be back on the course. I can't wait to see what these very special ladies do this year.

iuxc14teamRecently I have been tasked with taking photos for Nike NYC's new run club. They have great coaches and runs everyday of the week. It has been great to watch the participants grow in the sport with every experience. The job has been a lot of running, which for me means sprinting, stopping, shooting, and then repeating. So far I've been able to avoid my running cryptonite, stress fractures, but I've been very diligent about recovery and icing.

nycliveI hope you enjoyed this little recap, in this upcoming season I hope to be better at staying on the blog. However, I make no promises. Thanks for reading. (P.S. to complete the weak time hook here is a shot from this weekend's 5th Ave Mile. The event was won by 3 time champ Jenny Simpson, and by Jordan McNamara on the men's side.)