New Blog, New Work

[gallery] I have been shooting full-time for two years now, and it’s about time to start sharing some of the work and the stories behind the work. While most of my work revolves around higher education, this blog will focus on my passion: running photography. I will try to touch on each athlete’s story as well as photographic techniques used in the photos. I’ll separate each into a section so you don't have to waste time reading about technical jargon if you just want the mile splits. Your feedback will determine what the larger focus will eventually become.

Running defines me as much as my photography does. I started running and photographing in middle school, and I have yet to slow down. Over that time, I’ve gotten a little faster and (hopefully) a little more proficient at telling stories through photos.

I started my running photo binge last year when friend/reporter Rachel Stark wrote an article for Running Times about Stephen HAAS. He recently ran a 2:18:45 marathon and was part of Team Indiana Elite. The photos sparked a passion, and I hit the ground running (pun intended).

My lighting and style can be described as “heroic”... fitting because these people are my heroes. From 2:18 marathoners like HAAS and 3:57 milers like Derek Scott to people like my friend Jenny Caras who just run for pure joy. It has been a privilege to get to know these runners and share in their passions for the sport.

The gallery above showcases some of my running photos from the last year. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at Enjoy!