Running: I also met Wes through Scott Breeden. Wes had come to a few group runs at Indiana Running Company, but I didn’t meet him formally till Rachel Stark decided to tell Wes’s story for Inside magazine. And it is a truly inspiring piece. I’ll post a link once the article is published.

Photography: I did three separate shoots with Wes. The first was a portrait session in which I used two new strip lights, and a beauty dish. I did my usual setup with two rim lights, and a fill. Then I was asked to illustrate Wes’s addiction to running. To do this we shot two shots at different times to show Wes running at all times. The shots were lit the same way, however the night shot was pretty tricky. Ambient light barely existed in the scene so I had to have my strobes all the way down. Focusing was also quite the chore, but I think we came away with some cool images.