Rachel and Steph

Running: I met Steph and Rachel when I joined the run group at Indiana Running Company. We run together 3 days a week at the store and track. The shoot came about after I was contacted by a running publication that needed photos to illustrate a story for an upcoming issue (more details at a later date). However, the timing for the shoot was pretty intense. I had learned of the need for photos a day earlier and Steph, Rachel, and I had all run that morning in the IU Mini (a terrific, but challenging course). I am grateful that they fought through the soreness to run a little on the track for the shots.

Photography: Ambient light was a bit lower than what I am used to, so I changed up my lighting a bit. Most of the light was coming from two strip lights off to the sides of the runners. There was a dish in fill, but it had very little impact on the lighting. Timing the runners coming through the strip light’s path is pretty hard, but luckily I had a trusty assistant in Helene to help spot for me.