Running: This section could probably be its own page. I met Abbie through my girlfriend who runs for IU. Abbie is currently an assistant coach for the team. Simply put, Abbie is an ATHLETE. She earned All-America honors four times while at West Virginia. In 2008 she competed in the USA Indoor Combined Events Championships, and finished fourth in the pentathlon. She also competes in the heptathlon. I was pretty excited to find out she threw javelin, its always intrigued me. Abbie was gracious enough to go through my version of the photo heptathlon. In the hour and twenty minutes we had before sunset we managed to sprint our way through 8 photo setups. That’s Usain Bolt pace in the photo world. I was delighted with the results.

Photography: Where to start? The shoot would not have been possible without Max, Helene, and Kelsie. I had three human powered light stands whose hustle knew no bounds. Max made quick work of every setup, and Helene and Kelsie battled the 30 mph wind while still having loads of fun. All the setups involved 3 lights. Usually there were two in strip lights and a third in a beauty dish. The dish was always used as fill. This shoot was more about teamwork and the crew than lighting. Abbie was a joy to shoot and everyone had a blast. Shoots like this are always the goal.