Winter Update

In photography winter is the slow season. The weather isn’t conducive to shooting and the whole industry basically shuts down for December. The days are incredibly short. While growing up in Indiana, the state made the switch to DST. People complained about the short days, and light lasting till 10 PM in the summer. Well I’m here to tell you it’s so much worse in NYC. It gets dark by 4 PM. This tends to give my photography seasonal affective disorder.

However, we are now almost through winter. In my world indoor track season is kicking off and serious marathon training is around the corner. I figured now would be a good time to show what I’ve been up to when the sun was actually up this winter.

We will start in reverse chronological order.

Just last week I was asked to come out and photograph my friends at NJNYTC as they worked out at The Armory. Most of the athletes are racing there in a few weeks. While I’ve shot at The Armory before I have never been there in the morning when the light streams through the windows. It was gorgeous, and a delight to shoot.

Last week I also did some work with Nike Plus NYC. I did my usual running with camera dog and pony show. It was fun to get back out on the road and run fartleks (think sprinting then jogging or stopping, then sprinting again for 6-12 miles) with camera gear, the people always make it fun, and the darkness is a fun technical challenge to overcome.

Right when I got back from Indiana after the holiday break it began to snow. It was really NYC’s first big snow of the season. I had been planning on doing some snowy photos with my friend Leigh for months, but the weather had not cooperated. Luckily the weather came through and despite the truly painfully frigid temperatures we were able to walk away with some solid shots. I even broke out a little LED light, a trick I learned from my friend and fellow photog Zack Mctee.

Right before break my girlfriend was recruited to run in Club Cross Country Nationals. One of the teams looked up her collegiate times and recruited her to run the course in PA that she had run a few times before. I tagged along and photographed the races for fun. It was a blast to see that many people take the line in an epic winter XC run. And most importantly Helene did great.

Over Thanksgiving I traveled to Charlottesville to see my grandparents and family. While there I arranged to take some photos of New Balance’s Stephanie Garcia. The shots turned out great, Steph picked fantastic locations.

This November also saw the NYC Marathon. I was tasked by Nike to do some feature shots of a few runners running the marathon. We photographed in locations where they trained, or that were special to them.


Lastly, as you can see I’ve been doing A LOT of running work. And while I’ll never complain about that, I do want to branch out a little to show I can do other sports. So at the beginning of the winter I asked my friend Jess, who played soccer at Penn State, if she would be willing to pose for some shots. She was a trooper and agreed to meet super early to get the sunrise and a deserted field on the East River.

Thanks for reading.